_.Increase the value of your steel by SHOT BLASTING & PAINTING.

- All plates and structural steel prior to storage or manufacturing should be Shot Blasted to remove any contaminants (mill scale, rust) and primed.

- Shot Blasting Machines are designed to clean all surfaces of the products. In addition to removal of the contaminants this process provides the steel with a surface profile for excellent adhesion of prime coat of paint.

- The Shot Blasting (Blast Cleaning) Machines can be designed for any size or combination of plates and structural steel.

- They are built to Shot Blast steel plates from 4 feet (1000 mm) to 13 feet (4000 mm) wide, any size of angles, channels, beams, round bars, pipes and wire rod.
The outside and inside surfaces of pipes can be Shot Blasted.

- A line speed of 5FT/Min (1500 mm/Min) to 10 FT/Min (3000 mm/Min) will prepare the steel for paint application.

- Usually after painting the steel is moved on slat conveyors through hot air oven and then can be stored or moved for production.

- If you would like to find how you can take advantage of this technology we would be glad to assist you with more information.

- You will find more information on BlastCleaningMachines.com Consulting to the Shot Blasting Industry, Canada

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