_.FOR SALE - SLITTING LINE (under power)


Stripwidth range: 100 mm - 610 mm
Stripthickness range: 0,35 mm - 4,00 mm
Linespeed (step I/II/III): 50/100/200 m/min
Coilweight-Decoiler: max 10 kg/mm stripwidth
Coilweight-Decoiler-max: 4,5 to.
Coiloutside dia.: max 1400 mm
Slitwidth: min. 10 mm
No. of slits - max: 24
Edge scrapwidth - min./max: 3/15 mm per side
Knifshaft dia.: 150 mm
Blade dia.: 260 mm
Cutting system: rubber distance ring


Decoiler, mandrel- 400 mm, with coilcar
Pinch roll
No. of slitting stands: 3
Looping equipment (2 PC)
Brake Stand with WICHITA - Brakes
Band equipment with hight adjusment
Cut to length shear - Wheel away
Recoiler, hydrolic expanding, with stripping device and separationshaft, mandrel- 300/400/500 mm, include coilcar
Turnstile - 4 arms with motor
8 cases knifes (blades)
3 pal. Rubber - distancerings
2 pal. Separating - Equipment
2 pal. Distancerings

If you have more specific questions, please contact us info@steelmills.com, we will be glad to help you. We can arrange a visit to the Slitting Line at the factory and view it's performance.

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